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- Summer Scrip Deadlines -

Orders can be brought to Zion's church office:  9am - 2pm (Mon-Thurs)

or placed in the Scrip boxes at Zion, St. John, or Bethel, by the following Sunday deadlines:

(Online users: please submit all non-ScripNow orders by these deadlines.)



July 27 (skipping a week)

August 10

August 24 


Zion- St. John School Supply List 2014-2015
School Supplies K 1st & 2nd 3rd & 4th 5th & 6th 7th & 8th
Paint Shirt X X      
Rest Mat X        
Colored Pens for grading         X
Red Checking Pen     X X  
3"x 3" Post-it Notes     2 pads    
Pencils (#2) X X X X X
Fiscars Scissors X X X X  
Crayons (24 count) 16 count X X X  
Washable Markers Wide Wide Optional Wide or Narrow  
Colored Pencils   X X X X
Liquid White Glue X X X    
Glue Stick X X X X X
Erasers X X X X X
Ruler (12" with cm)   X X X X
Notebook Paper     Wide Rule   4 College Rule
Pocket Folders One Two Two Three Two
Spiral Notebook   1-Wide Rule 3 Wide Rule 3 College Rule 3 College Rule
School Supply Box X X  X X  
Backpack/bookbag X X X X X
Tissue Box (200 count) One One Two Two Three
Pens-Blue/Black Erasable       One  
Calculator       X Scientific
Composition Notebook     X X*  
Compass & Protractor       X X
White Out       X X
Book Covers     3 (oversized) Five (oversized) Five (oversized)
Narrow Dry-Erase Markers     X   X
Graph paper         X
Pencil Sharpener       X  


X - Needed
Headphones are provided at each computer in the lab.  You may bring your own if you prefer.
For Grades K-2 please bring a ziplock bag with 20 pennies, 10 dimes, 10 nickles, and 4 quarters with the student's name written on it.  This will be used in Math class.
*  For grades 5-6, it is alright to use last year's Composition notebook.



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